3D & 4D Ultrasound Imaging

Crossroads now offers 3D & 4D ultrasound imaging. This imaging not only shows whether a pregnancy is viable, but it also features images and video that show your baby’s distinct characteristics and allow you to keep both your health and your baby’s development in check.

Differences between regular ultrasounds and 3D & 4D ultrasounds

While regular ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to capture flat, black and white images of your baby in the womb, a 3D ultrasound allows you to see your baby in a three-dimensional image. Not only does it make your baby’s shapes, contours, and movements more easily visible, but it is a more accurate diagnostic tool when it comes to your health and the health of your baby. In a 4D ultrasound, you will see a live stream video of the 3D images.

How does ultrasound imaging work?

The sonographer, or the person who performs the ultrasound, will apply a clear gel onto your skin and then place a probe onto your belly. The gel allows the probe, which emits sound waves inaudible to the human ear, to move more easily across your skin and the sound waves to transmit more efficiently. The sound waves bounce back from structures inside the body and make echoes, which are picked up by the probe. Then, the electric signals are sent to a computer. In 3D ultrasounds, sound waves are emitted at multiple angles to produce a 3D image.

Because it does not use radiation, ultrasound imaging does not pose the same risks as x-rays.

For ultrasound imaging, an appointment with our medical staff must be made. Call us today at (731) 253-7495.