Guys go through a lot of emotion situations when they find out that their girlfriend may be or is confirmed pregnant. We want to provide them information that help them work through these situations. Our goal is to help and not judging them. They need to be a part of the discussion since this is their child, too.

Sometimes a guy feels overwhelmed when their girlfriend tells them that they may be pregnant. This is a difficult for both individuals. We are here to help the mom and dad when facing an unplanned pregnancy. We will set down with both of you or individually and go over your options. Your decision will what you both choose is the best after learning the information to make a good choice.

Being a teen father can bring a lot of responsibilities that you may not be prepared for. You may be confused or frustrated about what you are to do. We can provide men lay counselors that will listen to you and help you think through the best option for you. You may be experiencing a rush of emotions that cause you to feel scared, happy, sad, afraid, worried, or excited. These emotions are normal and all men have faced them when they hear that they will be a dad.

If you and your girlfriend choose to parent, we have very informative information on being a good father to your child. Some guys are raised in a fatherless home and don't know what it means to be a good daddy to their child. Our classes will better prepare you for being the dad that you wished that you had. You can break the cycle and become the best dad that you can be. We have the information for you to do just that.

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