Adoption is an option that may be worth looking into. Even though it is looked down upon, it can be the best for all concerned. At least it is a options that can be very positive and bring joy to a family that is not able to have a child on their own. Adoption can be a very loving option for both birth mother and adoptive family.

Some times when facing an unplanned pregnancy, you don't feel that parenting is for you. You may want to finish school or college or have a steady job before becoming a parent.  Adoption is one option that was look down on, but now is growing to be one of the best options for both mother and baby.    You should never feel negative about not wanting to parent.  Adoption is one of the most loving, self-sacrificing decision a woman can make.  If you feel that this may be an option for you, please contact us at 731-253-7495 or 731-253-7222. We will talk with you and answer any questions that you may have.   We want it to be a decision that you made and that you will feel good about. There will be no pressure from any of our medical staff.

There are 3 different options when choosing to place your baby for adoption:  Open, Semi open, and Closed.

We have different adoption agencies that we can refer you to.   After you choose which one you like, the adoption agency will meet with you and show you several profiles of couples who long to adopt.   They will show you pictures of themselves, their family and maybe even any pets if they have any.   They will tell you something about them and the reason that they want to adopt.  In open adoption, you will know all about them.   In semi-adoption, you will know a lot about them but you may not know their last name or what town they live in.  In closed adoption, you will know some about them, but you will know their name or where they live.   The choice will be up to you on how much information that you want.  Remember, if you choose adoption, you will be making the decision where you place your baby into a new home.   

If you do choose adoption, we want to walk with you through it.   We will prepare you by providing you classes that help you in this process.   We will show you how to put together a memory box and letter that will go with your baby.   Then, when your child grows older and wants to know about his birth mother or birth father, the adoptive parent can show them the box and share how much they were loved and their birth parents wanted the best for them.  We want to be involved in your adoption as much as you want us to be.   We are here for you not the adoptive family.