Do you think you might be pregnant but not sure? We offer free pregnant test given by our medical staff.

You have three choices when you see the positive test. We will provide you with all the information for you to make the best choice that you can feel good about.
We are not here to judge you or push you into a decision.

Our services are confidential unless required by law and you will be treated with respect.

Crossroads offers limited ultrasounds to show viable pregnancy. Since, this is done by our medical staff, it is important to set up an appointment.

Adoption is an option that may be worth looking into. Even though it is looked down upon, it can be the best for all concerned. At least it is a options that can be very positive and bring joy to a family that is not able to have a child on their own. Adoption can be a very loving option for both birth mother and adoptive family.

Today with Sexual Transmitted Disease increasing, it is important to know the facts. Knowledge of these diseases will give you the information to take the right steps to prevent a lot of health issues later on in life.

Guys go through a lot of emotion situations when they find out that their girlfriend may be or is confirmed pregnant. We want to provide them information that help them work through these situations. Our goal is to help and not judging them. They need to be a part of the discussion since this is their child, too.