Upon your first visit, you will be met by a caring staff. No one is here to pressure you to make a decision. We will give you all the information to make a educated choice.

Please bring a photo ID with you. If you don't have proof of pregnancy from Health Department, be prepared to take a pregnancy test by our medical staff.

Our services are at no financial cost to the client and are confidential unless required by law. You can bring a boyfriend, friend or close family members.

You will have some forms to fill out, or you can fill it out on line and email back to us. Our medical staff will go over some questions with you and then decide if a pregnancy test and ultrasound are right for you now. If you have any questions about pregnancy, please write them down to discuss with our staff.

You will find a warm and inviting group of people here at Crossroads. We even give you an exiting survey to fill out to help us better serve you.

Please schedule an appointment by calling 731-253-7495 or 731-253-7222. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM.