First Trimester Tips: Morning Sickness

The first trimester of your pregnancy is an exciting time! It is also the time you will likely experience several pregnancy symptoms. While the symptoms can be difficult, there are several helpful remedies to help you feel better.

Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is very common for women to experience in their first trimester, and is usually the most severe when waking up on an empty stomach. In order to relieve nausea, you can keep crackers by your bedside table and eat a few right when you wake up in the morning. Even though you may not feel like eating much, having small frequent meals throughout the day will prevent you from having an empty stomach. Having a little food in your stomach will keep the nausea at bay.

There are also several natural remedies such as ginger, lemon, and peppermint, that can help with morning sickness. You might want to try teas with these in them. You could also have ginger and lemon lozenges, peppermint candies, or ginger ale.

If these eating habits and remedies are not easing your symptoms, you can talk to your health care provider about stronger supplements or even certain medications that might reduce your morning sickness.

After the first trimester, you will likely be over the morning sickness, so hang in there for the next few weeks as you use these tips:
• Have a few crackers right when you wake up
• Eat small, frequent meals
• Use natural remedies like ginger, lemon, and peppermint
• Talk to your doctor if needed

If you would like to learn more about early pregnancy symptoms and tips to ease them, you can check out the BrightCourse lesson, “Your First Trimester”. You can access this lesson for free through Aspire Together. 

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